Hestia Circle Ritual

Goddess Wisdom Series Presents:

Wisdom Goddess Series - Hestia


Goddess of Eternal Light

December 26, 2015

A circle ritual for nourishing the divine within.

Led by Dorena Rode


Dinner (about 5:30pm):  To be determined.  Please specify if you prefer vegan in your RSVP.

The season of long, deep, dark nights is upon us. This is traditionally a time to nurture our inner being in anticipation of our spring flowering. On this midwinter, full moon evening we will invoke Hestia (Vesta) the goddess of eternal light. We will use prayer, meditation, sacred movement and community sharing to connect with our inner divine light. Use the evening to re-establish your commitment to self and/or as a turning point for your outward expansion. Thoughtfully consider that which you wish to nourish and thoughtfully consider what will best nourish it.  An effective way to move the subconscious into alignment with our conscious intention is through the use of sacred ritual. Join us in creating sacred space.   A six foot mandala is being prepared for the evening. We will share food around 5:30 and finish the evening with a traditional Tibetan Fire Puja ritual. Dress warmly.

Love offering (Suggested $25-$75, not required)

The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute
9434 N 9th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

For More Information:
Dorena 707-291-7731


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