Kali Circle Ritual

Goddess Wisdom Series Presents:
kali - original work by dorena rodeKali

Goddess that Destroys Obstacles
to Spiritual Progress

October 31, 2013

An evening to release the past and clear blockages to your heart’s desire.

Led by Dorena Rode


Dinner (about 5:30pm):  Chicken Tamales or Delicious Vegan Cream of Broccoli (almond based).  Please specify your preference in the RSVP.

Much of our actions in the world are controlled by subconscious reactions and programming that we simply cannot force into alignment with our conscious intentions. An effective way to move the subconscious is through the use of sacred ritual. On this festival day we will invoke the goddess Kali to aid us in removing all blocks to achieving the peace and joy we deserve. We will use prayer, meditation, sacred movement and community sharing to gently shift us into the season where the veil is thin. We will finish the evening with a traditional Tibetan Fire Puja ritual to burn away what is no longer needed.   Weather permitting our circle/puja will be outside.

Love offering (Suggested $25-$75)

The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute
9434 N 9th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021

For More Information:
Dorena 707-291-7731


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