Self Portrait #1

I have a Facebook friend that has been posting photographs that he takes from around town. He has them in an album titled, “Self Portraits”.  A new one shows up on my news feed every couple of days.  At first they just seemed like the passing whimsey of another person, but I now look forward to the emotional impact they have.  It is like I am taking a walk around Alameda – a walk where I am present to all that is and taking the time to enjoy the simple beauty of my world.

His collection has created in my a deeper sense of connection with my personal world as I move into resonance with the vibration of the art he is creating.  Inspired by his walk around town, I decided to start my own self-portrait collection.

Cutter bee damage on Rose bushThis morning my self is best captured by the Mr. Lincoln Rose that graces the front porch.  While the rose if lovely and has an awesome scent, the part that truly depicts me is the leaves.  Notice that they are all “chewed up”.  That would be the work of cutter bees.

Cutter bees are so cute.  They come and cut out a relatively huge section of leaf and then, with their small bodies and little wings, they try to carry the piece off.  It seems more often than not that they drop the piece and need to start over.  Last year they almost decimated the gelsemium that grows next to the rose.  Apparently they prefer rose, which is the newest addition to that part of the garden.

It is nice to be a pesticide free space where I can live in harmony with all that is. I enjoy fostering the cutter bee part of my self.