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TESLI Mission
Our basic premise is that we all have the wisdom within us that allows us to act for our highest and best interest in each moment.  As we clarify who we are and what we value our path becomes clear.  TESLI encourages and celebrates diversity.  There is no such thing as “one way fits all” and while we often find inspiration without, we understand that the outside world is a reflection of our inner being.

The purpose of TESLI is to inspire, encourage, and support people interested in alternatives to their habitual ways of living and thinking.  And to complete the circle we also energize people open to sharing their experience and knowledge.  We offer education in a variety of “simple living” topics as well as in methods to end personal and global suffering. Our focus on simple living reflects our personal values and passions and does not imply that simple living is “better” than other ways or that it is the highest and holiest way to live.  Our goal is to support people in examining their lives and offer choices.

In the spiritual realm TESLI backs people, events, books and all activities that decrease peoples identification with self and increase their experience of love, joy, being, and connection with all that is.

On the physical realm, TESLI encourages education, contemplation, books, and all activities that lead to an increased awareness of the impact of our actions.  TESLI provides alternatives to habitual ways of living and thinking especially in the realms of:

  • work/career
  • gardening
  • food production/cooking
  • herbal medicine
  • social structure
  • waste handling
  • alternative medicine
  • nutrition/diet

Founder’s Note
The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute is an extension of my personal mission to live simply, enjoy life, and encourage (inspire) others to do the same.  (The story behind my mission statement.)

From the core of my being spontaneously arises movement that flows to create ease in the lives of others.  The ultimate ease comes with freedom from mental afflictions, a state called enlightenment.

I have always received great pleasure from self-sufficiency.  I am a polymath and enjoy the creative process of making things from scratch.  I like to understand the impact of flushing a toilet, eating processed food, using pressure treated wood, and thinking certain thoughts.  I like being able to take things apart and put them back together.  I design my own logos, create my own websites, publish my own books.  Underlying my activities is a desire to be efficient and in harmony with all that is.  This is my way.  This is my fun.  Here is more information about my training and background.

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