AmaranthWhen I got back from California a few of my amaranth weeds had taken over.  They were sporting over six feet tall and just as wide. I had originally let them grow because my rabbits like the greens.  Can’t argue with volunteer fodder.

However, now they were taking over the garden bed and needed to go.  I rushed right in  and started snapping branches.  Then I noticed all the buzzing.  Apparently bunnies aren’t the only ones that like amaranth.  The plain inconspicuous flowers were covered with honey and bumble bees.

Too bad they don’t show up in the picture.  If you look real close you can see a black dot near the top and in the middle.  That would be a bumble bee.  So, the amaranth will get to stay for awhile.  Maybe I’ll even get around to eating some.  The leaves are supposed to be real tasty and the seeds, of course, are an important grain.


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