Creating our lives

Does it seem like life just happens to you?  Or are you consciously choosing to create your life?  What would it take to have a life that is completely different?  And what if the change could be effortless?  What if you could make a choice today that would simply change everything?

For me, many changes have occurred in the last six months: new partnerships, new surroundings and a blank slate for creation.  Expansive energy fills and moves me as I live the question: What can I create that is beyond my imagination?  And who would like to play with me in this creative process? And what is possible?

I have moved out of my comfort zone to experience more.

With my move back to the Bay Area, which was my home for thirty years, I have seized the opportunity to connect with old friends.  I am open to attracting partners, people with shared values and a desire to create something more. In the past I thought that I had to have a vision and invite people to that, but now I know that I can just be willing to create beyond what I have already created and not restrict the possibilities with “vision”.energyI feel so blessed in many ways, yet I know that what I am enjoying is just the fruits of the choices I have made.  I used to wait for opportunities to open up.  I was waiting to find the right mate, the right job, the right friends.  I knew I was amazing, just as we all are, and I was waiting to be discovered.

Now I know that the fuel for forcing opportunities to show up is choice.  If I want opportunities, all I have to do is choose and ward off any thoughts and feelings that limit me and the possibilities.  I also know that some choices naturally limit other choices.  For instance my choice to be meditative naturally limited how much time I spent with people.

If I choose to paint the house white than I can not simultaneously have a blue house.

When I move out of form and structure, more possibilities become available.  I do not have to figure out how to create success and opportunities, they naturally flow towards me when I am effortlessly being.  In addition, I can ask:  “What is my objective for choosing to do a particular activity?  And is it possible to achieve that objective by another means?”  In the case of meditation, I choose to meditate because I was keen on enlightenment.  Now I am just keen on enlightenment, without forcing my ideas on how I can make that come about.  I am open to meditating, and I am open to the divine moving me by other means.

Many years I lived in judgments that limited me.  I had ideas about what a good relationship was like, what type of partner would suit me, what type of work I wanted to do, and what the “highest and best” activities were.  One of my most limiting beliefs was that success in business and relationships took effort.  I am still working at totally realizing the ideas that Easy does it and that all of life can come to me with ease and joy and glory.

What can I choose today that will create a world beyond my wildest dreams?create



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