Cultivating Loving Kindness Group

I am pleased to announce that a group of us are going to be getting together and cultivating loving-kindness through seven point mind training. Our drop in class and peer support group will focus on applying time tested Buddhist techniques for transforming all circumstances, including pain, anxiety and stress into mental well-being for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

This practice is designed for bring adversity onto the path of total transformation. Perfect for times when the world is crazy and people are reacting to external events with fear and hostility. We’ve explored the idea before (August 28 2022 post) about how external events cannot possibly be a source of happiness. The lojong training (literally “mind practice) allows us to be the calm in the midst of the storm. The peaceful centered way of being that results from practice will ripple out into the world to create real change.

Despite the craziness of focusing outward to create happiness, the habit of doing so is deeply entrenched. This is why I am forming a group to create a supportive environment for making the changes that can be quite alien to the “normal” world. When going against ingrained habits, it takes continual reminders to create change. The power that comes when working together is a great aid.

Even if you cannot join us in person, I encourage you to embrace the practice by following my blog posts and getting the new book by Khentrul Rinpoche. If you are ready for a beautiful and radical transformation, seven point mind training could be just the ticket.

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