Freedom from fear?

I was reading a book off my shelf this morning while I sat with ice packs on my back. I came upon this quote,
Bill Wilson

The achievement of freedom from fear is a lifetime undertaking, one that can never be wholly completed.

—Bill W.

It just made me shake my head.  I alternate from anger to sadness when I read stuff like that.  I know he is just expressing his limiting belief.  I also know that many people take him to be an authority and may not even question the truth in his statement.  While it may take some work to become free of fear, it is a task that can be completed – and in less time than one might expect.   Enlightenment, which the Buddha taught people how to reach is certainly obtainable in this lifetime. Enlightenment is freedom from fear.

However, what is most interesting to me is how do I get free of my anger and sadness.  Try as I may to root out the misbelief that causes those mental afflictions, I cannot quite get it.  Perhaps I am scared that what he is saying maybe be true?  Maybe, but I can not quite imagine that.  It seems that I may have a deeper fear that I cannot become free of fear as long as others believe it is not possible.  Do I think that everyone must “wake up” in order for me to “awaken”.

Well, no resolution this morning.  The best I’ve got is my awareness of my insanity.  Yes, another reaction that I don’t really like and have no control over.  (See post on reactions.)


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