Greatness Abounds

I realized, when I first started studying herbs, that I had anDorena's Herbalist Logo intense passion for herbal medicine.  I wanted to become an herbalist and help others by spreading the magic of herbs. However, I looked around and noticed that everyone seemed to have the same interest and passion.  Further, they were all ahead of me.  I was living in Santa Cruz and so were the big names of Michael Tierra, Christopher Hobbs, Subhutu Dharmanada.  I decided that the market was saturated and that there was no place for me as an herbalist.

Many years later I noticed the folly of this idea.  I went on to become an herbalist and a medicine maker.  At one point I was offered my dream job, a resident teacher position at the California School of Herbal Studies.  Yet, I walked away from that position and onto a different path driven by spirit.

Now, again, I am surrounded by people that have similar inspirations.  Somewhere deep within my psyche I have a belief in limitations.  I can feel its presence in the shadows.  It is a subtle sense that these people may be a threat.  That we may be competing.

Oh, such a funny voice within!  Perhaps it is just my limbic mind talking.  I just smile and say back at it:  “Yes, if we share we may be left with nothing (like you suggest) but we are going to do it anyway and see what happens.”  I remind it, “To not share would be like death itself.  It is not worth living a life without sharing and giving freely of ourselves.”

It all about aligning my actions and thoughts with what I really value.  My vigilance allows me to sense the quiet rumblings of my subconscious and bring them into the light (consciousness) so they can be dealt with appropriately.  In a sense I’m “questioning authority” – the authority of my automatic and habitual thought patterns.

What if….  It is possible that all my friends will be the amazing teachers, leaders, speakers, writers that they vision for themselves. Is it possible that the microcosm that I live in will be saturated with such visionaries?  WOW!  Yes it is.

Yesterday I wrote about Luther Burbank.  An amazing man!  Did you know that two of his friends where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  Here we have three people that impact our life everyday.  Luther Burbank gives us the food we eat, Edison our motion pictures, lighting, and phonographs, and Ford the cars we drive in.  It gives me goosebumps!

When I connect with the people around me I get those same goosebumps.  I realize that the community of people that will support my expansion are you, the people in my world.  And likewise, I support your expansion.  The two are intrinsically intertwined.  Further, you are amazing – just like Burbank, Ford and Edison…

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