On May 5th, 2015 there is a mysterious notation at the end of my entry in my journal.  It is two pictures of dots with the words:  “lite bright, patterns and mandala” written next to them.  This would be insignificant if it wasn’t for a realization I had yesterday.

I have been doing some significant energy work with my friend Marvin since April.  He works with a number of interesting beings and one of them is named Metatron.  I immediately felt an affinity with this Metatron as soon as I heard his name.  Metatron just sounds like someone that would be cool.  Besides he also likes to joke around, and I appreciate any being that doesn’t take all this too seriously.

After my last session with Marvin, I decided to google Metatron to find out more.  I was surprised to learn he was an archangel.  (I decided to not hold it against him).  I also learned he was big on sacred geometry.  Ahhhh…. that is where the affinity is.  I really like colors and shapes.

Metatron goes around with an object called a Metatron cube.  This is the one I created over the last couple of days. Metatron cube It is an interesting pattern of thirteen circles laid out in a hexagon pattern. You can see the corners of the top of the cube formed by the uppermost three circles and the center circle. There is also a cube within the cube. And there is a hexagon within the hexagon.  And lots of triangles, too.

What I realized is that when I was a lite-britechild I would go into a windowless bathroom and make designs on the Lite-Brite.  (Remember those?) The patterns I made used circles to create hexagons.  That is all I would do is make the hexagons.  They also look like flowers.

Today, using an interactive online version I was able to create the same Megatron’s cube as my picture – in miniature, of course, and minus all the lines. See the green and purple figure on the left of the Lite-Brite screen.

What is trippy, is that I meet Metatron in April and in early May I write pictures with dots in my journal (trying to remember the exact configuration of the Lite-Brite designs) and then a few weeks later I am creating a Metatron’s cube and, without remembering that I was thinking about Lite-Brite earlier in the month, come to the conclusion that I was making Metatro’s cubes as a child when playing with the Lite-Brite.


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