Power of Attraction

The topic of manipulation arose yesterday as a friend was talking with me about the things manufacturers write on product boxes. The meaningless statement on a fiber bar box of  “100% natural psyllium husk” caught his attention as a manipulative statement.   To him manipulation was a negative or bad thing.  As I expressed in my post yesterday I have a more neutral point of view about manipulation.

The interesting thing is that when we both went to look up the definition of manipulation we got strikingly different results. Here is a screen shot of what Google produced for me.

manipulation DR

Screen shot when I searched for the definition of Manipulation

It certainly is more in line with my view of manipulation.  This second screen shot is what came up for my friend on Google using the same search terms. This is certainly a trippy example of the power of attraction. What we think attracts the same to us.

Definition of Manipulation

Screen shot when my friend searched for the definition of Manipulation

  • What if everything was just an interesting point of view?
  • What do we create with our judgments?
  • What would it take to move beyond judgment?
  • What would our life/world be like if we were able to let go of form, structure, and definition?


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