Pray Unceasingly

For many years I recorded the time I spend doing meditation and internal energy cultivation.  I found that having to keep a record motivated me to do more practice.  In the past, external records tended to motivate me.  As time progressed I noticed that some of my spiritual practices, such as clearing negativity with ThetaHealing and simply being present would be pushed aside since they were not recorded.  I decided to let go of my recording, although I had some trepidation that I would neglect my formal practice and become a slough.

Early this year (beginning of 2014) I decided to shift to a practice that was 24/7.  I still retained formal sitting and internal arts practice, but I devoted myself to practicing the art of just being while being aware of myself, my feelings, my surroundings and my reactions.  I used, as has been my habit these last few years, ho’oponopono to keep my mind clear when it tended to become preoccupied with garbage thoughts.

Rejoice always,

Pray without ceasing,

Give thanks in all circumstances

Thessalonians 5:16-18

Recently I realized that my practice was not 24/7.  Sure, I was practicing during my waking hours, but I did not have a night time practice.  I am pleased that I am able to keep good mindfulness up during the time I am awake, but I would like better awareness while I am sleeping.  This is especially important to me since I have many karmic traces that play out during the night that shift me from a pleasant state of mind to one that is less pleasant.  My post from yesterday (We are not our emotions) illustrates such a shift.

I am beginning to explore practices that are done at night and look forward to reporting my discoveries in later posts.

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