I teach and use in my private practice a healing modality called ThetaHealing®.  Among the many techniques in ThetaHealing is a way to clear DNA knowledge (whatever that is) you have shared with others.  In addition, we can use the method to bring back soul fragments that might have been given to or exchanged with other people.  This is particularly useful to do when someone is ending a relationship.  I have found that sometimes, many years after a person has legally divorced their partner, they still are energetically “married” to them.

We are cautioned to not do this DNA knowledge clearing if still in a relationship.  The result of doing so?  Well, one will go home and find they “don’t know” their partner anymore.  Their partner will “feel” like a stranger.  They will need to start over to build their historical knowledge base.

Recently, I’ve been studying another way of clearing limitations called Access Consciousness®.  In contrast to ThetaHealing, it is suggested by Access Consciousness teachers that you actual destroy and uncreate your relationships everyday.  Since I had studied ThetaHealing first and accepted their “rule” of not swiping clean the historical knowledge of current relationships, I was surprised by Access Consciousness having a completely opposite tenet.

Who is right?

First, there is no right or wrong way.  Each of the methods is designed to give a particular result.  The one to use is the one that matches your personal aims.

ThetaHealing will help maintain your relationship as smooth and predictable.  In a society where “living happily every after” and relationship longevity are valued, the idea of retaining historical knowledge of one’s partner is important. We rely on DNA knowledge to keep our relationships on “auto-pilot”.

ThetaHealing is truly a healing modality.  No strings attached.  The founder teaches people how to see more and change things through connection to source.  What you do with the tools is up to you.  The warning about not clearing DNA knowledge of your partner is based on people being unhappy with the result when they did it.  Most people do not want to have to reinvest the energy they spent learning about their partner.

Access Consciousness, in contrast, actually has more of an agenda for us.  Their tools are “designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone”.  While Access Consciousness fails to give a clear and complete definition of consciousness they do claim, “Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choice and more life”.  They also state, “Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing®”.1  From these statements we can get the gist of what they mean by consciousness.

Access Consciousness encourages choice and free thinking.  Even though “destroying and uncreating your relationships” is a recommendation, one is advised to run it through your filters and decide if it is right for you.  Their recommendation is in alignment with the aim of increasing “consciousness”.

Being totally present is the keystone to “consciousness”.  In order to be present one needs to be in the present and not dwelling in history.  Relationship longevity is not the goal.  Being totally present in one’s relationships is the goal.  Since the “past is dead”, clearing it out everyday provides an opportunity to be totally present.  Having a fixed picture of our partner, ourselves,  or our relationships doesn’t allow as much potential for change as letting go of that picture each day.

1.   Gary M. Douglas, Access Bars Manual, January 2015,  Access Consciousness, LLC, Houston, Texas.

2.  ThetaHealing

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