Settling In

My partner and I are finally settling down.

Last May we relocated to Oakland, California from Phoenix, Arizona.  I had always wanted to live on Lake Merritt in Oakland and was happy to get my chance.  Just two blocks from the water, we enjoyed a lot of walks around the lake.  However, as nice as the area was, it just wasn’t working for us.

We decided to move north to Sonoma County and take on the care of a family property.  Actually there are two properties that we are care for.  The first is a 10 acre fruit farm.  You can read more about our work on that property here:  New Farm Project

The second parcel is where we live.  The house is nestled into 6 acres of redwoods. When we moved in, it had been neglected and I spent a couple months cleaning, painting, carpeting, and doing other repairs.  Then winter was upon us and the past couple of months have been devoted to cutting wood down to feed the wood stove.

Finally spring is here, at least in Northern California, and I am switching into garden mode.  The work seems endless, but I am beginning to have more space in my schedule for writing again.

One of the things I’ve been pondering is TESLI.  The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute was created in Phoenix and I am not sure yet if she made the move with us.  What moved with me?  What stayed?  What will be created new?

I know that I left my practice as a massage therapist behind in Arizona.  I am also letting go of teaching the healing modalities I used to teach.  I am pruning my life to encourage new growth.  I get a sense that a new line of teaching is coming.  Perhaps it will be based on my new book, which has been very well received since it’s release in February.

Yes, after an eight year absence from Sonoma County, I am settling back in.  Many friends to reconnect with.  Relearning where to shop and creating new connections too.  Feels good to be back home.


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