Summer Retreat

statuesVery exciting!  I am planning a six week silent summer retreat beginning on the New Moon in July (July 15th 2015).  I have space for two or three other meditators. One room sports a  twin size bed and the other a queen size bed.  In addition to the bedrooms, there is a large living room available for yoga and internal arts movement practice.  There is plenty of room in the kitchen and I have a chest freezer as well.  The outside yard is filled with garden space, but since this is summer in Phoenix we may find the heat is very conducive to focused indoor meditation.  More information about the facility (which really is a temple) and the rooms can be found by clicking on the respective links above. I am requesting $600 per room for lodging for the retreat.  Please note one small dog lives at the facility.

I will be able to offer some guidance during the retreat, but participants are expected to be experienced meditators having completed at least one seven to ten day (or longer) retreat.  Preretreat meetings will occur in May and June.  During these meetings we will set our schedule (start and finish dates can be flexible), discuss our goals and practice, and plan provisioning.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact Dorena @ (623) 242-5310 or for more information or if you have any questions.

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