I am looking for more rowing partners to join me via an online-row1community of people that row using the Concept 2 Rower. There is a team event starting next month and I simply do not have enough buddies to form the 10 person team required to participate. Maybe you would consider joining me?  You can either get your own rower, or you can use a Concept 2 Rower at your local gym.  You just need to download the ErgData App and sign up for a web account at Concept 2

Rowing is a great way to workout both the upper body, legs and core muscles.  It is also perfect for people looking for a low impact exercise.  It definitely abuses the joints less.  I knew I enjoyed rowing, because in the past I used it as a short warm-up at the gym.


I just started rowing seriously this month. I love the way my body feels and the clarity it brings my mind after a good work-out.  I am usually pretty active, but usually avoid strenuous activity.  With rowing I can row moderately, but throw in a rigorous interval as desired.  Short bursts of high energy expenditure make me feel more energized and leave me with better mental clarity afterwards.  My understanding is that such interval training also creates prolonged fat-burning (up to 36 hours) after the workout.  That benefit is realized with interval training as short as 12 minutes.  Pretty cool.

The challenges at the Concept 2 website have been very motivating as well.  As a result of the Dog Days of Summer Challenge and the Rowolympics I earned the “silver medal” and clocked in 132 km in my first month!  It would be fun to participate in the September 15th – October 15th 2016 Team Challenge.  Join me!