Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the cool mornings, the sun with a lower intensity, and the energy as the season shifts.  Even though people consider spring to be a season of beginnings, my experience is that autumn is truly a time of beginning in my life.  After being cooped up all summer the energy begins to expand outward, but more importantly there is an inward expansion of energy.  As we move into September and October we find that the veil between the realms begins to thin and this is a perfect time to cultivate our inner space, clear out the old and begin to plant the seeds that will bring us fruition in the next spring and summer.

In the Five Element System, the fall is ruled by the metal element.  It is characterized by yin energy.  And what I am calling an inward expansion is usually referred to as contraction.  The wheel of the year passes from the summer where we have full-on vibrant yang energy to a transitional period of balanced yin and yang into a rising yin energy.  Right now we are in the balanced period, but I am anticipating the deepening of yin.  Autumn begins to see an increase in this yin energy: receptive, quiet, dark.

From autumn the yin increases until in the depths of winter we find us in full-on yin energy. While yin itself is contracting and stilling, the overall process of increasing yin is an expansion of yin. Hence I experience expansion within what would be overall considered a darkening, drying and withering phase.

When I am living in harmony with the seasons I find that fall is time for nesting and preparing for increased internal activities.  It is a time for coming home.  We are collecting our energy that was loosed during the year.  It is a good time for personal reflection – especially on the gains and loses of the year.  As we move deeper into the fall and the winter we will have ample opportunity to process the past year.  Emotions may arise from our deep inner pool as we emotionally experience at a greater depth the recent changes in our relationships.

Find below the Metal Element from my recently painted series:  Mandalas of the Five Element System.

Mandala for the Metal Element.

Mandala for the Metal Element.


Kale Seedling

Freshly planted Kale seedling. Aug in Phoenix

It is time to plant Brassicas here in Phoenix!

Brassicas, also known as cruciferous vegetables, include kale, cauliflower, mustard, broccoli. cabbage, brussels sprouts, collard and bok choy.  These are cool weather crops and although it might not be feeling cool yet, this is the time to get them in the ground.

All these plants are part of the Mustard family – a family that I’ve been told is 100% edible.  The name cruciferous refers to the fact that the flowers of the plants in this family have four petals that look like a cross.  Other members of the family that you might be familiar with are radish and arugula.

You can pick up plants at the Cactus (at Highway 51) Farmers Market this Saturday between 7 and 11 am.