Finches eating seeds on basil

Two yellow finches feeding on lemon basil

My basil is in full bloom.  Actually this year I didn’t even plant basil – it volunteers year after year.  Basil loves and thrives in the heat and will not tolerate even a little frost.

I allow my plants to go to seed even when I don’t have much use for it, because basil seed attracts one of my favorite birds – yellow finches.  Here is a picture I snapped yesterday from my living room window of a pair of finches feasting on the basil seeds.

Basil also makes a nice filler plant for cut flower bouquets.  The greens hold up well and the flowers add a nice texture.  Actually, the best way to keep your cooking basil is to not put it in the fridge, but to put it in a glass of water on the countertop.  It will hold up nicely for a week or so and it may even root!  Adds a nice flare to the kitchen as well.