Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian shamanic practice for clearing karma especially in relationship to people and personal relationships.  It is based upon the simple awareness that our world comes from us (Ike).

I learned the practice from reading and from a class with Ihaleakala Hew Len.  The simple prayer that I recite as a mantra:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

and I thank you.

More information about the practice can be found on Wikipedia.

The longer version I use is:

Divine creator, father, mother, daughter, and son as one.  If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present we ask your forgiveness.

Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations and transmute those unwanted energies into pure light, now.  Thank you.  It is done, it is done, it is done.

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