Provoking Pain

I recently talked about false flag operations and how people ignore obvious discrepancies in the media’s reporting.  It is not uncommon for humans to shut down their awareness in the face of uncomfortable and/or unpleasant realities.  We simply cannot see what doesn’t fit into our world view or what we think is unbearable or undesirable. This is also apparent in our lifestyle choices.  Many people ignore or deny the awareness they have about their food choices, for instance.  Hence two thirds of the US is overweight and one third is obese.

One of the speakers at the Global Women’s Summit emphasized this point.  This neuroscientist/chiropractor pointed out that no one every came into his office saying, “I want to optimize my nervous system.  I want to make sure it is working at its best.”  Everyone that came into his office was motivated by pain.  They all wanted to alleviate pain. dorena-at-WINI am a little different. I am all about choosing today in a way that will create the highest amount of possibility.  People find themselves with high blood pressure or a heart attack in middle age and act as if it is not something that could have been prevented.  Instead of having an awareness of how they created it, they often attribute it to “old age”.  Other people in the same circumstances use the sudden decline in “imagined” health as an opportunity to choose differently.

At the Summit, I ran into the woman, Sandy,  I hired to promote my upcoming Women’s Health Workshop at the conference.  I mentioned to her that I had no sign-ups yet.  As the price was ridiculously low, she agreed with me that raising the price might help.  Still, at the end of the day not one woman had signed up for the class despite it being the last day at the low price.  Sandy looked at my flyer and said it seemed soft.  She suggested I get “outrageous”, along the veins of “DO THIS OR DIE”.

She was right.  Many of the speakers that day had talked about breast cancer as being a wake up call. Frightening people into acting was a sure fire way to get sign-ups.  It is easy to ignore the dangers of pharmaceuticals because they have the blessing of the government.  Here I was teaching a class on using alternative medicines to alleviate female complaints.  I was hoping for people to choose something that was for their health, but I was not providing them with any motivation.  With no pain they had no reason to choose something different.

If I wanted to fill that class I would need to remind them of the possible pain they would fall into in the future based on their choices today.  Unfortunately, that is just not my style.  I am trying to support people in being active, not reactive.  Still, I am curious, what am I judging to be so wrong about provoking people into taking a particular action that I am unwilling to employ that method to help them create more health in their life.  Hmmmm…. while I do judge being “sensational” as somewhat wrong, I also notice that do not feel that choosing to be healthy is such a rightness that I would want to use “skillful means” to recruit people.  I do not attribute inherent value to what I am teaching or to “creating more health in their life”.  Interesting.  What are your thoughts?