This morning I completed the last course in the behavioral health degree program I’ve been attending full time for the past year and a half.  The Associates of Applied Science in Addictions and Substance Use Disorders will be my first degree in a “soft” science and I am curious to discover when, where and how I will be using my new knowledge.

While the information about the pharmacology of drugs was fascinating, for instance even one use of some drugs can “permanently” change nerve functioning in the brain, the program was first and foremost a preparation course for counselors. As such I learned a lot of therapeutic skills and tools for assisting people in their change process.  Of course I also learned that, while there is evidence to suggest treatment programs and counseling work, there is no definitive scientific evidence of how they work.  It makes me wonder, what people have made so significant about science.  Is there a better use of the energy that is currently invested in creating, promoting and proving evidence-based practices?

Speaking about investment of energy, about half way through the degree I decided that I had gotten all I wanted from the program.  I thought further energy investment wasn’t going to pay off.  However, when I went to withdraw, I found I couldn’t let go.  Part of me wanted to continue.  Such it is with me.  I was able to honor that part without judgement.

What grand adventure is next?