Enlightenment Study Group

Free!  Drop in / Ongoing Fellowship Group

Twelve Step as a Path to Enlightenment Study Group

Lead by Dorena Rode

Every Thursday at 7pm

Group Format:
Each meeting will start with a talk and/or questions from participants, followed by a short (~7 minute) silent meditation or reflection period and then group sharing.

Participants are encouraged to share on their experience with their spiritual path and how they are changing.  We share with each other the challenges, our progress on the path to enlightenment, and insights gained, in order to further our growth, and inspire and support each other.

People are encouraged to make a commitment to attend the group regularly for a few months in order to establish deeper connection with other participants and create a positive fellowship environment.

Group Description:
This group is for:
1)  people interested in learning more about the path to enlightenment
2)  people seeking the fellowship of others living a spiritual life aimed at enlightenment
3)  people seeking support and/or direction with their spiritual practice
4)  people that are following a path to enlightenment including Buddhists and Christian Contemplatives
5)  people that use the 12 steps (of AA) as a foundation for their spiritual practice

Dorena Rode
(623) 242-5310

The Enlightenment & Simple Living Institute
Hatcher and 9th Ave
Call for exact location and directions

Cost: FREE