Low Back Pain

A person approached me before chi gung class seeking help with lower back pain persisting for the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks before, while trying to move my bedridden mom, I strained my back. To my surprise, the injury cleared instantly during body process energy work I was doing as part of my health routine. He was wondering if the body process might help him.

The process that was run on me is one of a hundred different specific energies. Being unable to find someone familiar with my preferred body process system, I’ve hired a Reiki practitioner to run the energy I specify. I don’t even remember which one we ran that day. I just remember, realizing that the discomfort in my back disappeared mid session.


Body Process Session

Would a body process help him?  Certainly.  Would a body process be the best medicine to fix his back?  I don’t know.

What would I recommend for a person that is showing health deterioration that often occurs in older people?

Strengthen and engage the core. This means exercises like sit-ups. In the case of my injury above, I was forgetting to pull my abdominal muscles in when I bent over my mom’s bed to change a diaper or tried to move her. Simply remembering to do this has “saved” my back.

Keep the tissue warmed up – After years of “throwing out my back” at least once a year and being bedridden for a two to three days I learned that using a jade stone heating pad for 20 minutes daily prevents my back from getting too tweaked out. You could also keep the back warmed up with hot tubs, stretches, saunas, chi gung.

Sometimes lower back pain is caused by digestive upset. For instance, my mom complained of intense back pain when she had an intestinal infection.

Figure out what muscles are causing your discomfort and do specific exercises for them. My old annual back pain was caused by a muscle that was in the butt, underneath the gluteals. A tennis ball to the butt kept it more relaxed. Other muscles that have contributed to back pain are the psoas and quadratus lumborum. Search for exercises specific to them. I can personally recommend Somatics by Thomas Hana

Physical problems are always preceded by blocks in life force energy. Chi Gung, acupressure, and yogic practices that move energy along the meridians will remove the blockages and allow the body to heal itself. Other modalities that work on the energy level are sound healing, Reiki and energetic body processes.

The lower back is ruled by the water element and the kidneys in Chinese medicine. The kidneys are responsible for our deepest stores of energy. Depending on lifestyle, these stores can become depleted. One old friend had debilitating lower back pain in his twenties. Using pulse diagnosis a Chinese Doctor prescribed beef. His vegetarian diet was not providing him with enough yang energy. His back issues disappeared with the addition of meat and he is now in his 60’s still working as a carpenter.

If the lower back pain is a result of low kidney energy, beef is a good addition to the diet. In addition, I would recommend power mushrooms such as Reishi or Lion’s Mane and Eleutherococcus senticosus or American Ginseng. All these will bring up the kidney chi.

Energy testing for beliefs

Of course, everything begins with the mind. The energy and physical bodies simple follow the beliefs held by the mind. Unfortunately, the conscious mind is only 5-10% of our mental activity and the seeds for disease are imbedded in the subconscious mind. Luckily we have ways to change the subconscious erroneous beliefs.

In the case of the lower back, I would first look at beliefs in being unsupported or wanting more support. Remove those first using you preferred belief changing modality or prayer method. Then ask if there is any other misbelief holding the low back pain in place. Follow that line of questioning to uncover anything else. Once the beliefs are gone and energy healing should clear up the issue.

In my case, with my back strain moving my mom, I realized a little feeling of needing more support and was able to resolve that first, perhaps letting the energy session clear me for complete healing.

Healthy Eating

I used to teach a class on healthy eating for the Drug Abuse Alternatives Center in Santa Rosa. This morning, as I pondered the following questions:  What kind of information do people really need?  How can I contribute to greater health on the planet?  I was reminded of that class.

As I prepared to teach that class back in 2007, I realized that teaching people how to eat healthy seemed silly.  Everyone already knows how to eat “healthy”.  To test my hypothesis I started the class with a question.  Which one of these is healthier?








As I suspected, everyone picked the apple.  While they both have an equivalent number of calories, the Coke has what we call empty calories and the apple gives us vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural compounds that prevent cancer and heart disease.  Similarly, when offered a choice between cookies and veggies, the class participants chose the veggies.  Once again I came smack up against the truth that more information isn’t really necessary.  Lack of knowledge isn’t a barrier to healthy eating. It is something else.

Some of the barriers are practical:
●    Can’t find the time.
●    Don’t have enough money.
●    Too much work.
●    I’m too tired.
●    The people around me don’t eat well either.
●    There is no good food in the house.

Other barriers to healthy eating are internal.  Sometimes people eat when their body doesn’t need food because they have specific triggers or have picked up habits that are hard to break.  Some of the reasons for inappropriate eating include:

●    Lack of awareness that we are eating.
●    Eating when we get home.
●    Eating when we get a break or during times of transition.
●    Treating ourselves with food.
●    Eating to calm down.
●    Eating because other people are eating.
●    Eating more because other people are eating.
●    Eating because we are cooking for others.
●    Buying food that others like even though it isn’t very healthy.
●    Depriving ourselves of food and getting too hungry.

The therapy for these type of blocks include a process of introspection and conscious behavior change.  It is all about making a choice and increasing awareness. Specific techniques for changing eating habits include my favorite ThetaHealing®.  Sometimes we are compelled to eat a certain way due to subconscious beliefs and programs.

Five Healthy Eating Tips


Basic ThetaHealing – June 26-28th

  • Learn how to easily access the theta brain wave state to tap into the highest frequencies for peace and healing!
  • Instantly eliminate beliefs that stand in the way to greater success.  Be able to do the same for your clients.
  • Get what you want in your life.  Using the theta wave to manifest is effective 80-90% of the time.   (Compare to visualization at 50%)
  • Become a certified ThetaHealer® and help you and your clients prosper.

become a certified thetahealer

The heart of this workshop is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core genetic, historic and soul  beliefs.  You will learn to identify your own limiting beliefs and will practice pulling them for others in the class.  This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover.  Web page for Basic DNA course.

The course is 75% hands on.  Other topics covered in the Workshop:

  • The formation of ThetaHealing®
  • The power of words and thoughts
  • Electromagnetic field and the energy break
  • Free agency & co-creation
  • Intuitive abilities and how to enter the theta state
  • How to do a reading
  • The healing technique
  • Why people do not heal
  • Four level belief work (core, genetic, history, soul)
  • Muscle testing
  • Programs for feelings and other downloads
  • How to “Dig” for the bottom or key belief
  • The Seven Planes of Existence
  • Manifesting from the Seventh Plane
  • Guardian Angels and Waywards
  • Soul mates
  • Retrieving soul fragments
  • Remembering the future
  • DNA activation and gene replacement


June 26th-28th 2015:  9:30 to 4:30 each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Course includes: ThetaHealing® book by Vianna Stibal, a Practitioner’s Manual and Certificate of Completion.

Cost:  $445 before June 19th ($85 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit required to hold your spot.)
$485 after June 19th
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Instructor:  Dorena Rode, Ph.D.

For more information or to register:
Dorena Rode, Ph.D.
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