Whenever something is lacking, I know that it either wasn’t

prayed for or it wasn’t prayed for enough.

Ushpizin is one of my favorite movies about prayer and devotion. I’ve been waiting for the right season to write about this movie and decided now was correct, but this illustrates my ignorance regarding Jewish tradition.  I thought the movie took place during the Passover celebration, but the festival in the movie is Sukkot.  Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles, is celebrated in the fall.  Alas, this movie still is a great inspiration for those living a spirit driven life and depicts not only the incredible power of prayer, but the quandary of dealing with difficult situations. 

I love the richness of tradition depicted in the movie.  Keywords for this movie would be transformation (from anger to peace, from crime to ethical behavior), intention, and the power of preservation.

Borrow my copy or get your own on Amazon.  Hebrew with English subtitles.

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