What do you do?

What do you do?

That is the question.  They asked it at speed dating, they asked it at the Art of Recovery Expo, and this afternoon, when I attend a local networking event for counselors, I am sure to be asked the question again.

My answer?

I am never sure what to say.  Health consultant?  Massage therapist?  Herbalist?  Spiritual counselor?  Teacher?  —– Or simply miracle worker?

The miracle worker seems to apply Tesli booth at Art of Recovery well.  I ran 15 minute Bars® sessions on people at the expo over the weekend.  One woman that was talking about her broken hip before she sat down, got up after her session and, eyes wide in surprise, said, “There is no pain in my hip!”  Apparently she had been experiencing a lot of pain from walking so much around the Expo.

What did I do?  I simply touched some points on her head lightly.  I didn’t even know that she was in pain.  She is the one that healed.  Hey, what else is possible?®

Access Consciousness is a new modality for me, but I have been doing ThetaHealing® since 2007.  The results I can get using the ThetaHealing modality blows me away.  Again, I am at a loss for words to describe the results.  What do I do?  I find limiting beliefs and I “pull” them.  My job is simple.  What would be the result of eliminating the following beliefs?

  • I have to take care of (a specific person) at all costs.
  • I am unworthy.
  • The world is out to get me.
  • I have to save the world.
  • Money is more important than love.
  • I have to suffer to earn love.

People are completely different when subconscious limitations are removed.  Lets look at the first belief.  Having the belief that you have to take care of your parents limits your options.  Removing that belief does not mean you won’t take care of your parents, it simply gives you choice in the matter.  People that have that belief may be sacrificing self and other relationships to “take care of their parents”, even when it is not necessary.  They are acting from a compulsion and not from choice.

Another important aspect of my work is that many people with any belief may not be consciously aware of it.  If I ask them, “Do you feel like you have to take care of your parents?”  They will tell me, “No”.  Yet, when I use energy testing / applied kinesiology to determine if the belief is held subconsciously I often get a “Yes.”  We are often simply unaware of how our subconscious is driving us.

Ask yourself:  What is motivating my actions?


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