Deconditioning Ground Introduction

I am in the process of creating the Deconditioning Ground audio book.  I have recorded the Introduction and I think it sounds okay.  Would any of you be willing to take 10 minutes and listen to it?  I would like feedback on my speed and clarity of speech.  Thanks!

Click here to listen to the Introduction.

5 thoughts on “Deconditioning Ground Introduction

  1. Hi Dorena, Very interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to the finished product. Clarity of speech is excellent, the tone of your voice is excellent. I suggest slowing down ever so slightly so someone like me can digest a new and unfamiliar thought. Fondly, Gale

  2. I really like the sound of your voice on the recording. There were areas where I felt you were talking too fast (I think more toward the first 5 minutes) so I couldn’t process what you were saying fast enough. Loads of information to absorb and definitely instilling a desire for more.

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