Get your book published!

Do you have a manuscript or book idea?  Did you know that TESLI is a publisher?  The TESLI publishing imprint was created in 2014 order to launch new authors and assist people in sharing their message.

What types of manuscripts do we accept?  Well, the purpose of TESLI is to inspire, encourage, and support people interested in alternatives to their habitual ways of living and thinking. This would encompass a whole range subjects including simple living, inspirational stories, motivational writings, self-help, recovery, and more.  Isn’t it time you told your story or share your idea?

Our basic services include (no out of pocket fees):

  • Amazon storefront position of your paperback, Kindle and/or audio book.
  • Creation of Kindle and/or other electronic formats (Nook, etc.)
  • Audio books
  • Print on demand paperback books (color or black and white)


In addition, we can offer you low cost services:

  • Cover design
  • Marketing advice
  • Author checklist
  • Setting up book events
  • Full-service or proof-reading editorial services (out-sourced)


We would love to talk with you about publishing you book.  Contact us at 623-242-5310

4 thoughts on “Get your book published!

  1. You have my attention Dorena. Expect a call from me within the next few days to get the ball rolling with some material I am seeking to publish.

  2. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my initial consultation. Dorena identified important considerations which I was not previously aware of, provided clarification on the overall process, and helped me to identify next steps. I believe that TESLI provides a unique service and I highly recommend it for the fledgling book author.

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