Dream Creation

This morning I was riding my bike down an incline and picking up speed.  Then suddenly I realized I was about to fly off a building towards a second skyscraper.  I quickly grabbed a light post and me and the bike swung around to a stop.  When I looked back at the way I had been going to estimate the drop, the building was gone and I was looking at a beach.  With excitement I realized I was dreaming.

“Hmmmm… what do I want to do? ”

Many lucid dreamers like to fly, but I was not interested.  I decided a nice swim would be great.  As I moved into the water I “willed” my clothes off, but they wouldn’t disappear and instead dragged at me.  “Some kind of lucid dream, I cannot even get my clothes off.”

As I was leaving the water after my swim, I noticed the crowd of people on the beach and told myself, “Doesn’t matter that I am naked this is just a dream and I’m in control”.  I then asked myself, “What would you like to do next?”

Since I have been single for many years I decided a little “male action” would be nice.  I picked myself a man and went at it.  In the heat of it all I ended up thinking, “This is my dream, how can he have erectile dysfunction?”

Alas, my experience with being awake in my dreams is not much different than being awake in my life.  I know I am creating what is going on around me, but I still don’t have any control over it in the moment.

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