How can I be a blessing to people?

I have been experiencing a great deal of intolerance lately.  Mainly it is with people that are complaining about their life circumstances and are not doing anything to create a different reality for themselves.  Not only am I sick and tired of hearing them, I know what they need to do to change their reality.  Yes, I feel self-righteous.

Although, I do have quite a bit of experience in areas of health and helping people change self-limiting beliefs, I am noticing my reactions are overboard.  I seem to be invested in other peoples choices.  For instance, I went to a meeting this morning and people went on and on about how long they have been sick, how sick the were, and how they disliked it.  They seemed to be reveling in it.  It was actually a little confusing for me.  They talked about how they didn’t like being sick and yet they seemed to enjoy it very much.  A person that doesn’t like sickness tends to wonder how not to get sick or what choice they can make to end the illness and prevent future illness.

Despite my annoyance at people’s choices, my true issue is not their choices, but my annoyance.  I have been bombarded by the inner arisings of intolerance.  This intolerance is coupled with dislike of people and a desire to condemn them and avoid them.  Surprisingly extreme reactions!  I have been wondering how to get rid of this.  Indeed it was with that idea in mind that I went to the meeting this morning.

When I got home from the meeting, a friend I was working on a business project with called.  She told me she had been using the Access tools and asking “How can I be a blessing to people?”  and “How can I bless people?”  Then she went on to tell me how she had a chance meeting with someone that we could help with our business.  The woman had a small animal rescue and part of our business project is helping non-profits raise funds.  This development was very exciting. However, I was more excited by the question she was using.  That question was a good way to shift me from “I have the answer to everyone’s problems – and they do not want it” to “How can I bless people with what I know?”

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  1. Wow
    Is this a recurring problem for you?
    I recall you doing this with me a few yrs.ago, and I let it ruin our friendship

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