The cure for everything

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday.  As I was preparing for my wellness event presentation, the co-presenter arrived and told me he had thrown his back out that morning.  That was not so unusual, but then his wife pulled me aside and told me he was so uncomfortable that if someone offered to speak healing words over him he would gladly accept the help.

Now this was shocking to me, not because he was open to alternative therapy, but because of her choice of words.  You see, I had recently been given a gift of specific healing words from a high Tibetan lama and I was preparing to do a three day retreat to empower that mantra I had received.  Unfortunately, I did not have time during our event to help him with his back.  However, it got me to thinking about how I intended to use the mantra once it was fully empowered.Vajra Armor RetreatI am not exactly sure why I am so attracted to this mantra that I would want to devote three days to its repetition, but it seems very important to me to learn and use.  Not only does it change incurable diseases, it also has the power to negate astrological influences.  Intriguing!  Although the root text does not specifically state this, I think it could also cancel the detrimental affects of GMOs, chemtrails, and other negativities that are becoming ubiquitous.

There are many things I know that can benefit people. I know of herbs and supplements that can prevent illness and cure disease.  I know business methods that can create prosperity.  I know of secret words that can extend life and secret words that can cure diseases.  I know how to grow food and medicine.  I know how to identify wild foods.  I can instantaneously change peoples core beliefs.

I wonder why am I not more aggressive in spreading the good news?

Well, I also know that herbs, supplements, mantras, and business methods cannot create change in people unless they have created the conditions that will allow these to work.  No herb, supplement, or mantra has inherent power.  The power for them to cure comes from our beliefs and our willingness to let go of what does not serve us and receive the gifts that are available to us.

During the retreat I will be empowering water that can be used as medicine and scripts of the mantra that are used as amulets.  If you feel that these may be of value to you let me know, so I can share with you.  My retreat is dedicated to you.  Yes, you personally.


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