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Due to my political activism I’ve ended up on numerous political email lists.  It seems like everyone from the Democrats to the Republicans think I am their buddy.  I like to stay informed, but frankly I feel like I’m being bombarded.  The subject lines seem attacking and not very informative.  Here are some examples of emails I did not open:

  • Let’s hit them where it hurts
  • UN Shocker
  • U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E
  • Major Defeat
  • Somebody’s lawsuit (UPDATE)
  • Somebody’s lawsuit (OUTRAGEOUS)
  • Somebody =FUMING
  • Dorena: DO NOT DELETE
  • Did you see?
email subject lines

a day of deleted emails

Okay, you get my point.  It is almost funny to see them all listed here.  This is just a few top headlines that I’ve received in the last four days.

I’ve started “unsubscribing” while letting the senders know that I think their subject lines are offensive.  I think I will also set up an energy block – something to transmute the energy.  It feels like each one (especially the ones written in all caps) is charged with a penetrating energy that is unpleasant to me.  I imagine other people are receiving these as well and being affected by their resonance.

I wonder, is it ethical to download the computer servers that are sending out these messages with love and light?  I’d also like to create a loop that downloads each message (regardless of the text) with the vibration of peace.  Perhaps I’ll put it in as a optional so as not to mess with people’s free will.  Some people might prefer the negative rush of drama.

Wait!  What am I thinking?  I am the one affected by those words.  They are just markings on the screen – they have no reality except what I attribute to them.  If I am finding them charged negatively then there is something within me that is creating that.  It is insanity for my to try to change the outside world in order to feel better.  My happiness does not ultimately come from external people, places or things. (Wasn’t I just blogging about that yesterday in the “Creation Myth“?)

What is right action then?  Well, for me that would be to look inside of me for the “sore spot” that is rubbed wrong.  Exposing that to the light (to my awareness) often results in a dissolution of the discomfort.  Remember, all mental afflictions are due to a misbelief or wrong view.  If I clear up the wrong view, I can resolve the unpleasant state of mind and body.

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