Speed Dating – After

speeddate1Speed dating was fun. Although I have to admit it did leave my head swirling:  Fourteen guys, eight minutes each – no break in between.  The pace was too fast for me to learn if my body thought any of them would be nice to hang around with.  I wanted to spend a little time sitting quietly and looking into their eyes, but no time for that.

Outcome?  My mind is interested in spending more time with six of the dates.  Now I wait to see if anyone is interested in a second date with me.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if I strike out since, truth be known, the event was for ages 32 to 49 and I am a couple of years out of that range.

How good were my matches?  Well, I was quite surprised to learn that one person had just finished a ten day Vipassana retreat and another spends about two hours a day with meditation and pranayama.  There was also a guy that owns a martial arts studio and another was a mental health counselor.  Hey, maybe I am mainstream after all.  Plenty of matches.

Can hardly wait for the next one.  September 12.  This time I’m in the age range legitimately:  42 to 59.

PS:  Three matches have indicated interest in a second date!

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