A dog’s brain

It seems to me that dogs have the same problem as me. Their conscious mind is not in charge either.

Mchispa watching the streety dog, Chispa, spent quite a few years on the street before she moved in with me.  I believe that experience made her a little cautious and defensive.  Being a chihuahua dachshund mix (and somewhat small) she will not make a front-on attack.  She prefers you ankles as you walk away.

Chispa also loves to be petted and held.  In fact, second to food, this is her heart’s desire.  Many people would love to indulge her, yet her defensiveness keeps them away.  This is another example of fear ruling one’s actions over rational thought.

The extreme example of her subconscious mind taking charge of her is how she behaves with new friends.  Sometimes when I have a visitor over she warms up enough to allow them them to pet her.  She might even be open to sitting in their laps.  Then, as they get up to leave, she will attack them from behind.  What is she thinking?

She is not thinking, she has the same problem I talked about yesterday.  Our conscious minds are not in control or our actions.

The decision maker

I’m constantly reminded of my problem.  I am only conscious of about 15% of my mental activity.  The part of me that is conscious is not running my life.  It is the 85% of mind that is subconscious that is in charge and that part seems to have a different agenda than my consciousness.

My favorite question to ask myself and others is, “who makes the decision to get up in the morning”.  I watch for the decision maker to show their face, but alas I have not found them yet.  Sometimes “I” decide to sleep another hour and then I “wake up” to find I’m in the bathroom or the kitchen putting on breakfast.  Who made that decision?  How was “I” over ruled.

Who decides for you when to get out of bed in the morning?