What if the universe has more for you?

copper US penny I’ve talked to a couple of people lately with similar stories.  They are in situations where they are holding onto work, relationships, ideas and/or situations that are not quite working for them.  While their decisions may be completely appropriate it reminds me of a story I heard years ago.

The woman that told the story talked about how she used to be in a relationship with a man that was using drugs and alcohol. He would be mean to her and she thought he might be having sex with other women.  When he was out, she spent a lot of time begging God to bring him home safely to her.  She desperately wanted to keep him as her husband and would ask God over and over for that.  silver sunshine minting mexican silver us dimes

She explained the situation like this:  I was begging God for a penny.  All I could see was the penny and I was desperate for it.  But God had a $100 in his other hand that he wanted to give me.  I kept asking for the penny.  Until I was willing to admit the penny was not enough, God could not give me the “big money”.

If you have a situation that isn’t ideal, even if you think it serves you, consider the possibility that the universe is encouraging you let go of that and take hold of even a better situation.  Why settle for less?  How are you rationalizing holding onto something that is not spectacular?

If you are thinking:  He/She is nice to be around sometimesConsider: What would it take to be with someone that is nice all the time? What if a better relationship is just waiting for me to acknowledge that I deserve more?  What if by staying with this person I am refusing the happiness that is available to me?

If you are thinking:  I have to keep this job or situation because I need the money.  Consider:  In what ways am I refusing the “big money” the universe wants to give me?  What if I refuse to sacrifice any part of me for money?  What if my views about what it takes to make money or get a job done are limited?

If you are thinking:  I am a a victim of this person’s actions, or some physical injury or limitation.  Consider:  How did I create this?  How does this serve me?  What do I know that I am pretending not to know or denying that I know?  What can I choose that will change this right away?

If you are thinking:  This is impossible to change.  Consider:  What else is possible?®  What would it take to change this?  How does this serve me?

When you ask the questions, do not look for an answer.  Simply be aware of the energy that arises.  These questions can often clear the unconsciousness that keeps us in situations that are no longer beneficial to us.  Asking questions, without coming to conclusions, is a powerful way to increase our awareness.

I have always lived in the question.  I am curious about what is truly motivating my actions.  I want to credit Access Consciousness for my recent expansion of using the “living in the question tool”.  I am offering free Intro to Access Bars talks on Sept 11, 2015 at 7pm and Sept 20, 2015 at 1pm if you would like to learn more.  See the Events calendar for details.


Notes:  What else is possible?® is a registered trademark of Access Consciousness.


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