Clearing Grief

I came to peace quickly regarding Chispa’s death on Friday night.  Amongst all my musings was the question of how I could contribute to her transition.  In my study of Buddhism I learned that the state of mind at the time of death greatly influences what occurs next.  Suspecting that she was greatly terrified at the moment of her demise, I did not want that fear and confusion to define her next incarnation.

I knew that I needed to be calm and release my own fears and regrets.  Using meditative practices (I walked the nine-palace.) I was able to regain calm.  Then, moving into the Theta brain wave state, I reached out to her.  I lit a candle and played the chanting music I always used when the thunder and lightening came.  I was able to maintain my calm and I believe that was important to her journey.

Saturday morning I awoke calm, but moved back into deep sorrow.  My post on Saturday reflected this reawakening of grief.  Saturday, my nine palace walking did not bring me relief.  Finally, I sat down to just be.  I thought I might never get up and certainly could not do anything but be in sorrow all day.  I had a feeling that the emotions that I was feeling were not mine, but were arising due to the concern and sorrow of my friends.  I tried the Access Consciousness trick of “return to sender”.  It did not bring me any relief.

Then, I used a Access Consciousness Body Process (Trifold Sequencing Systems) on myself that I had used before with people stuck in trauma and or the bereavement process.  This process works to reset anything that is stuck looping.  In my case, I felt that the grief was just looping around. Within seconds of commanding the process to run, all that “stuff” was gone.  A couple minutes went by before I realized what had happened.  Then I got up, went outside and planted sunflowers and corn.

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  1. Glad you were able to resolve this – I really loved sweet Chispa. Wishing her a wonderful next incarnation!

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