I’m in the hospital and the main doctor walks in and eight other doctors in white coats surround my hospital bed.  Ten minutes before I had almost choked to death because I was so weak.  I was 83 pounds.  I could hardly breath.  The doctor says to the other doctors, this young man has a 1% chance of living through the night.  All my family is in the room and they are crying.  And I said to myself at that moment, “Oh my gosh.  This was my worse fear.  I cannot believe I created this.”  The epiphany was this.  A split second after that I said to myself, “Wow, if I created this, then I could create my wildest dreams.”

–Seth Sinatra (The Grounded 2)

Just finished my most exciting ThetaHealing® Basic Course yet.  I certified three new amazing ThetaHealers.  The weekend was extraordinary!  One woman was in constant pain before the workshop – especially her feet which had been an issue for years.  With a healing and some belief work (done by her classmates – that’s how fast you learn) she was able to leave pain free.  I am truly blessed to witness beautiful and talented souls expand into their fullness and heal from the past.  My next course is in March 2015 or check out Lynne’s offerings at Desert Jewel Institute.October Theta Class