False Flag

In December 2012 the media reported the deaths of twenty students and six staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  Supposedly a twenty year-old, carrying more weapons that is physically possible, walked into the school and began shooting people.  I don’t watch media, but I remember being intrigued by a clip I saw on FaceBook. I watched media reports, which I don’t remember accurately, but the gist was that early media reports from a news helicopter showed a man being captured in the woods outside the school.  The media also reported another suspect being apprehended in front of the school.

However, within 24 hours the reports all changed to saying that the 20 year-old that had done the shooting had committed suicide in the building.  What was going on?  I continued to follow the story and watched a government expert on these types of actions analyze the reports in a detailed 60 minute commentary.  He is the one that pointed out that the weapons that the media claimed the young man carried in would actually be too heavy to carry.  In addition, the bereavement donation page had been created before the incident (time stamped by Google).  The whole incident got even more bizarre when I found out that in the movie, the Dark Knight, there is a scene showing a map with only one world written:  Sandy Hook.  I didn’t believe the YouTube, so I bought the movie and confirmed it.

Just today I found out, via the Official FBI Crime Statistics page, that the FBI claims that no murders happened in Newton, Connecticut in all for 2012.  Interesting, eh?

I was personally triggered by the Sandy Hook “shootings”.  I mention in the My Mother and Me chapter of my book, Deconditioning Ground, (pg 31) that this was the month that I uncovered a new series of repressed memories.  I didn’t realize the memories where governmental abuse until later in the month, but this was the trigger for those memories to surface.  Since repressed memories are a little surreal, and as unbelievable as the Sandy Hook Hoax, this demonstration of government deception was critical in my waking up and being able to release the beliefs that had been chaining me (pg 35 in the book).

These types of operations are called false flag operations.  It is been proposed by some that the reason that these deceptions are so obvious is that they are designed to wake us all up.  I write about it here, because I am encouraging everyone to be aware of what is going on in the United States.  I hold our situation with curiosity.  The actions of part of our government is in conflict with our constitution.  However, our government is a part of All that Is.  The government is not in control of my safety or me, yet I think there is cause to be wary.  I am aware of the risk of staying here while this situation (and I don’t even know what the situation truly is) continues.  I ask myself frequently, “Is it time to leave the country?”  and “What will it take for America to wake up and take personal responsibility for themselves?”  and “What can I do to contribute to more awareness?”

TESLI is all about fostering greater awareness in people.  The answers are within and I like it when people use their own inner knowing to decide what is right for them and right action in general.  Being in a country where we are fed lies, it is even more important for us to rely on our own knowing.  When I asked the president to investigate this further, via his White House contact page, I never got a response.



venus from the seaI have begun work on the Venus picture for my Goddess Wisdom series.  I am contemplating portraying the goddess with her back to the viewer.  With this in mind I needed a model, so I googled “nude woman from behind“.

The results were shocking.

My instant reaction to the page of images was equally interesting.  It was like a wave of energy washed over me.   It was so strong, I wondered if it was all coming from me, or if I had tapped into the collective energy being focused on these images from around the world.  It was intriguing.  I observed myself.  Another example of the subconscious in charge.

Reactions of this sort are commonly called being triggered.  The sight, sound, taste or touch of particular things results in a specific emotional or physical reaction.  We see or smell food and we feel hunger.  We see our favorite vacation place and we feel relaxed or happy.

Most of the time we are nonreactive to the things we encounter in our day.  These encounters are considered neutral.  These encounters include seeing the walls in our house, smelling the normal aroma around us, feeling the ground beneath our feet.  In fact, we are usually not even aware of these happenings.  Neutral stimuli tends to get filtered out or unattended to.

Less frequently we have pleasant or unpleasant encounters.  The smell of our favorite flower makes us smile while the smell of a trash heap makes us frown.  However, there is no person, place or thing that is 100% pleasant or unpleasant to everyone.  This means that our reaction is not dependent on the person, place or thing.  It is dependent on whatever is stuck in our subconscious.

Many of us leverage our reactions to certain things.  For instance, people often listen to music in order to feel uplifted.  Music is a mind altering drug, as is dancing.

I once had custody of a 15 year old for a few months.  While I always got up and “forced” myself to do tai chi.  He would get up and cruise You Tube for martial arts videos.  He would watch them until his motivation rose and then he would practice.  He intuitively knew how to overcome the obstacle of laziness by using something to motivate him.  (Earlier post on obstacles and remedies).

There is a tendency to let ourselves be tossed about by our reactions.  Yet it is possible to remain objective and watch our reactions.  This use of mindfulness creates some distance between our reactions and the subsequent actions we take.   Mindfulness is the beginning of freedom.  With practice we are able to choose our actions.

We can also become proactive.  We can predict our reactions and use readings, contemplation, connections with others to reduce unpleasant reactions and increase our positive motivation.

Once again, consider who is choosing to get out of bed in the morning?  The answer to that question may be trivial, but the bigger question of who is running your life isn’t.